Index Strategies

Powered by Yewno's Knowledge Graph
Unparalleled Flexibility

Yewno's Approach

Yewno's Knowledge Graph automatically calculates thousands of strategies on a daily basis for any investable concept you can think of - ranging from sustainability themes like Clean Energy to disruptive technologies like 5G or Cloud Computing.

Yewno's AI-based concept exposure engine can understand the dynamic market trends driving returns and instantly create new strategies or power existing ones.

Instant Strategy Creation
Build better strategies faster than ever before
Millions of Possible Strategies
Leverage alternative data to differentiate your strategies
Alpha Seeking ETFs
Dynamically rotate in and out of trending investment ideas
Scalable Index Research
Rapid AI-powered idea generation
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Thematic Strategies

Data feeds derived from Yewno's Knowledge Graph, capturing previously unquantifiable exposures and alpha opportunities.

Emerging & Disruptive Technologies
Track over 70 emerging technology categories
Healthcare Innovation & Sustainability
Neglected disease research & cutting edge healthcare tech
Environmentally Sound Technologies
Solar power, carbon capture, electric vehicles, and more
So Much More!
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Exchanged Traded Products

Powered by Yewno's Knowledge Graph Technology

AMUNDI STOXX Global Artificial
Intelligence ETF (GOAI)
Launched Sept 2018
Coincapital STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Index Fund (LDGR)
Launched Sept 2018
DWS’s Artificial Intelligence &
Big Data ETF (XAIX)
Launched Jan 2019
DWS’s Future Mobility ETF (XMOV)
Launched Jan 2019
BNP Paribas Fortis Funding USD Global Innovative Technologies Note
Launched Q3 2018
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