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Risk Factors

& Alternative Data

Sector and factor analysis alone won't give you the edge or understanding that you truly need these days.

Go deeper than ever possible. Analyze portfolio, ETF, and fund level exposures to concepts such as Trade War or even social issues like Data Privacy.

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AI Powered Systems & Alternative Data

Global Intelligent News Flow
Concept-Based Exposure Analysis
Predictive Alpha Signals
Daily Sentiment Scores
Concept-Based Strategy Builder
AI Powered Stock Screener

Traditional & Fundamental Data

Global Equity Pricing & Real-time Quotes
Fundamentals & Official Filings
Economic Events & Corporate Actions

Cut out the Noise with Intelligent News Flow

See what events are impacting your portfolio - ranging from news headlines to IPOs, lawsuits, insider trading cases, earnings calls, and more.

It’s like having a team of analysts intelligently summarizing millions of documents for you in real-time.

Even catch indirect connections to events which you would have otherwise missed.


Strategy Builder

Go from investment idea to strategy in just seconds.

Automatically build portfolios of stocks and ETFs around any of your investment ideas like Cloud Computing or Blockchain with just the clickof a button.

Edit and backtest your strategies on the fly, or screen companies based on exposures to concepts.


AI Powered
Alpha Signals

Leverage Alpha Signals to uncover trading opportunities on a daily basis, with sentiment and confident scores on global securities.

Daily Stock Predictions

  • Receive daily predictions of next day stock returns
  • Based on proprietary machine learning algorithms,
    technical indicators, and Yewno’s Knowledge Graph

Sentiment Scores

  • Company Level Sentiment: Company scores based on thousands of daily global financial news articles
  • Concept Level Sentiment: Analyze which concepts are influencing daily sentiment movements for a given company

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  • Advanced Charting
  • Watchlist
  • Global Equity Pricing
  • Global News
  • Official Filings
  • Fundamental Data
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Includes BASIC Features

  • Strategy Builder
  • Concept Exposures
  • Intelligent News Flow
  • Sentiment
  • Alternative Data
$349.00 / mo

Includes PREMIUM Features

  • Portfolio Alpha Signals
  • Company Alpha Signals


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