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Yewno provides
augmented intelligence.

Yewno is an AI and data science company that aims to transform the world by turning vast amounts of information into actionable knowledge.

Yewno is an early mover in the Knowledge Economy, having built a massive and continuously evolving inference knowledge-base. It enables users to derive inferences across multiple themes, allowing them to analyze complex problems and arrive at better results faster.

“It would take over 3 trillion years for a team of 10,000 analysts to read all of the unstructured information* available today.”
* That’s over 80-90% of usable business information - 163 zettabytes by 2025 - and it’s growing 55% per annum

The classical information economy
is not scalable.

Knowledge GRAPH Technology

Yewno's Knowledge Graph

Yewno’s KnowledgeGraph is a powerful and dynamic representation of knowledge across a vast corpus of documents, and evolves in real-time.

Yewno’s Inference Engine detects and explains the relationships and changes in connections over time. Connections can be traced back to the original source document, even down to the sentence.

Connect the world’s information
Across billions of documents, multiple sources and multiple languages
Derive knowledge from that information
By leveraging Yewno’s inference engine and computational linguistics
Support decisions at speed and scale
Using high speed, scalable computing techniques, and graph theory

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