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ONLINE Research Terminal

Yewno Edge

Power up your research with multiple data sources - all in one accessible platform. No data team required.

Intelligent News Flow
It's like having a whole team of analysts
Fundamental & Alternative Data
Real-time pricing, ETF holdings, Patents, and more!
AI Powered Strategy Builder
Automatically build portfolios around your ideas
Concept Exposures & Alpha Signals
Trading opportunities with sentiment on global securities
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Data Packages

Data feeds derived from Yewno's Knowledge Graph, capturing previously unquantifiable exposures and alpha opportunities.

Investment Research
Leverage AI to power your investment thesis
Alpha Generation
Sentiment, daily alpha signals, and more
Risk Management
Track exposure to non-traditional risk factors
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Index Strategies

Investment strategies powered by artificial intelligence to track any idea you can think of - ranging from Trade War to Machine Learning.

Thematic Strategies & Mega-Trends
Track disruptive themes and emerging technologies
Sustainability & ESG
Analyze companies with Yewno's Sustainability Framework
Smart Beta
Invest in news spotlight and supply chain centrality factors
Build Your Own Strategy
Track any concept with unprecedented flexibility
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